[Alumni Reflection MAC 2014]: Adel Elhemaily: “A trip that defined my future”

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Adel El Hernaily with Senator John Tester and others
Adel Elhemaily meeting with Senator Jon Tester (L) and others after completing his week-long US Senate internship in 2014.

I was lucky enough to participate in the Model American Congress exchange program with ACYPL– a trip that that helped me to clarify why I am very passionate about politics even in this early stage of my 20s.  While it may be a bold statement to say, “I know exactly what I need to do in my future,” this trip did help me to see why I want politics to be part of my career.

Steve Olinkara, co-founder of Millenial Action  talking about how the millenial generation mobilizes to move past party politics(3)
Steve Olinkara, co-founder of Millennial Action, with Model American Congress participants. Elhemaily is first on the left.

The trip was divided into two parts: the first week our group visited various political and social organizations in DC and Alexandria, and we were able to discuss some very important aspects of the US political system including constitutional rights and engaging young people in the process. I especially enjoyed having an open discussion with students from Georgetown University, which provided a forum for Egyptian and American students to learn a lot from one another.

Delegates sitting outside the reflection pool with Washington Monument in the background
Model American Congress participants visiting the Reflection Pool in DC. Elhemaily is first on the right.

During the second week, I had the opportunity to intern with Senator Jon Tester (D-MT). I enjoyed the days I spent collecting news and information and producing reports for the Senator, and I was also able to attend a Senate hearing and visit the Library of Congress. I also loved visiting the Capitol dome which I had seen so many times in the news and in movies, but it was just as moving in person– it was a great moment I’ll never forget.

When I look back my experience, and remember the other students I shared it with—all of whom I can easily call best friends now—it all comes back to me with great joy and bit of nostalgia.

Adel Elhemaily participated in Model American Congress in 2014 and is a student at Cairo University. 

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