Alumni Reflection: Ulfa Mubarika (PFP 2019)

10-01-2021 posted by Acypl

I would like to inform you that the ultimate goal of my micro-grant project “Pakem Indonesia” has been achieved!

Pakem Indonesia is integrated program that combines strengthening the roles of village authority to protect Indonesian Migrant Workers and their families and strengthening Indonesian Migrant Worker’s family resilience.

Strengthening of the role of village authority was done through information dissemination, education, and encouraging the village organizations (women and youth organizations in the village) to understand the right migration procedures. We strengthened Indonesian Migrant Workers’ family resilience through parenting education and motivational programs for their children.

The Sumber Gede village government ratified The Village Regulation of Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection No. 4/2021 on March 9, 2021. My central government’s institution, The Agency of Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection or BP2MI, gave The Sumber Gede Village recognition for their accomplishment in protecting Indonesian Migrant Workers and their families with this legal protection.

After the Pakem Indonesia project was established in September 2020, I continued to support and accompany the village to draw up regulations regarding the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection – from the preparation and plan discussion, until the endorsement at the Regency level.

The village government’s decision to take on migrant workers and their families as their priority agenda was manifested by this Village Regulation. This is the first Village Regulation to concern Indonesian Migrant Workers’ protection referred to Law No.18/2017 on Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers.

The village government committed to providing Indonesian migrant workers and their families protection from becoming undocumented workers recruited by illegal brokers. Pakem Indonesia has brought many insights and benefits for them. Now, they allocate their village fund to conduct the program for Indonesian Migrant Workers in their village.

The highlight of the Village Regulation is that the village government suggests that migrant worker candidates postpone their plan to work abroad when they still have children under 2 years old. This is the local wisdom to protect the children in line with the minimum age of child weaning.

I also engaged the Village Youth Organization and Village Women Organization to be the support systems of Indonesian Migrant Workers and their family’s reinforcement. Now, they understand and have insight related to the procedure of becoming documented workers and know the right information to tell the villager on how to become a documented worker.

The Village Regulation has also been recognized by The Regent of Lampung Timur (Mr. M. Dawam Rahardjo). The Regent in his speech urged The Village Heads in Lampung Timur Regency to follow Sumber Gede Village to establish Village Regulations on Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection as Lampung Timur is the first rank regency for sending the migrant workers abroad in Lampung province.  

I am still assisting the village in providing information about job opportunities abroad and how to become documented workers.

Please take a look at this testimony video on the outcome of the micro-grant after Pakem Indonesia was implemented.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to become a micro-grant awardee of ACYPL. I’m proud to be part of ACYPL PFP Alumni!



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