An Update from ACYPL


July 13, 2020


Dear alumni and friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how ACYPL fundamentally interacts with our alumni, partners, and friends. We are all dealing with this “new normal” and trying to figure out how to best stay true to our mission of implementing sustainable programs that foster and improve relationships among emerging political and policy leaders worldwide.

In that regard, I am excited to announce that we have embarked on some new virtual programming. In May, we launched the ACYPL Town Hall Series to discuss issues that have been dramatically altered by the pandemic including alcohol regulation and the education system. This month, we are launching the Professional Fellows Virtual Congress for almost 100 fellows from 30 countries to help share best practices, learn valuable skills on how to lead in a time of rapid change, and build a network of global peers. We are also continuing our partnership with the U.S-Mexico Foundation to deliver a 3-part series on the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship for American leaders.

And in the fall we plan to offer a 5-6 weeks of programming around the U.S. Election for an international audience, which ACYPL has done to great acclaim in every election year since 1968.

I am sadder than anyone that we cannot travel this year and be physically together, but in this moment of upheaval and uncertainty, I am certain that continuing to learn from and connect with each other will ultimately help all of us get through this time together.

I hope you and your families and healthy and safe.

Warm regards,

Libby Rosenbaum