Escorting a delegation

The support and commitment of our American alumni network is what makes ACYPL the robust organization that it is. Alumni provide the connections, support, and leg work that benefit all of our exchanges. As a way of thanking alumni that go beyond, we sometimes extend an invitation for them to serve as a leader and escort on a second ACYPL exchange.

A small number of escorting opportunities are available in any given year because we usually send less than 10 American delegations out on exchanges. Additionally, the escort slots are split evenly between Republicans and Democrats to maintain political balance.

If you are interested in serving as an escort, these are the criteria we typically look for:

  • Demonstrate high engagement and exemplary behavior on your first ACYPL delegation
  • Become an ACYPL Standing member at the $1,000+ level
  • Host a delegation for 3-4 days in your home city/state
  • Support ACYPL events around the country
  • Nominate outstanding individuals for ACYPL delegations
  • Remain engaged with ACYPL’s work

These criteria are not a guarantee of escort consideration, but they are a good starting point. If you are interested in submitting your name to be considered, please email Jacqueline Harris at with a full list of all the countries you have visited (not just with ACYPL).