Congressional Speaker Series

Congressional Speaker Series

To contribute to ACYPL, please see the giving levels below.  All contributions are tax deductible and all gifts will be applied to ACYPL Alumni Council memberships.

$250 Gift – Suggested Alumni Contribution

$25,000 Gift – Chair
$15,000 Gift – Sponsor
$10,000 Gift – Host
$5,000 Gift – Friend

Support Our Work

Your tax-deductible gift will help make ACYPL international exchange opportunities possible for the next generation of political and policy leaders around the world. We invite alumni and friends to support our global work.

ACYPL international exchanges would be impossible without the enthusiastic support and active participation of our alumni around the world.  From organizing programs for visiting international delegations in their home states, to nominating professional colleagues for future programs, attending ACYPL events, and lending financial support, alumni help make our programs happen.

ACYPL encourages all American alumni to join the ACYPL Alumni Council.  It’s a great way to stay involved with our work, continue to explore international affairs, and ensure our future success.