Exchange Detail


Argentina to US

Feb 8 - 17 2017 Austin, Texas


Exchange Outline

Delegates with ACYPL alum Robert Jones (Morocco and Tunisia 2014) at the Environmental Defense Fund

In February, ACYPL was fortunate to welcome six delegates from Argentina for an eight day exchange. Over the course of the trip, the delegation visited Washington, DC and Austin, Texas. This year’s delegation compromised of representatives from each of the major Argentine political parties including UCR, PRO, Coalición Cívica, Frente Para la Victoria, and the Frente Renovador. The program was conducted in partnership with Fundación Universitaria del Río de la Plata (FURP), our Argentinian partner since 1987.

The program began in Washington, DC with multiple discussions about the state of domestic American politics and the details of the American governing system. The delegation found a meeting with Mr. Matt Sanderson on campaign finance particularly interesting as they learned about the evolution of campaign finance law. Additionally, the delegation was thrilled to speak with Dr. Michael Matera of CSIS, who discussed the American view of Argentina’s domestic politics, the ripple effects of the American election on Central and South America, as well as what the American government and business community would like to see to make Argentina an American foreign policy priority. Another highlight was a meeting about youth empowerment in underserved communities in DC area with the Black Swan Academy.

In Austin, the delegation was graciously hosted by Texas State Representative Jason Isaac [ACYPL alumnus to Northern Ireland, 2016]. The group was thrilled to be in a city of political contrasts as well as bustling local economy and social scene. Among the key meetings that the delegation attended were with the Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos, the Environmental Defense Fund, and Google. Additionally, the delegation really enjoyed the frank discussion with the Texas Tribune, who detailed the importance of press freedom and the role of the media in informing citizens.

While the schedule was full of meetings and events, the group was able to enjoy some of the cultural activities that both Washington, DC and Austin have to offer. In DC, they had the opportunity to visit the National Archives and attend a Georgetown basketball game. In Texas, the cultural highlight included an experience at the Circuit of the Americas as well as a week’s worth of Texas’ famous BBQ. After an extremely successful exchange, ACYPL looks forward to continuing its long partnership with FURP.