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US to Argentina

Jul 2019 Buenos Aires


Exchange Outline

Delegation visits Iguazu Falls

This year, ACYPL was delighted to send a delegation of seven individuals to Argentina along with CEO Libby Rosenbaum. The delegation was hosted by our partner, Fundación Universitaria del Rio de la Plata (FURP). The delegation represented geographical and professional diversity, with American delegates from 7 different states and included elected officials and government affairs professionals.

The exchange schedule included time spent in the Misiones Province and the capital city of Buenos Aires. In Misiones Province, the delegation visited with the Governor-Elect of Misiones Province Oscar Herrera Ahuad who discussed the political situation in Misiones and the role of the province in the Argentinian federal system. Another highlight in Misiones was the opportunity to meet with Dr. Froilan Zarza, the President of the Supreme Court of Justice for the Province of Misiones, to discuss the Argentinian Judicial System. Finally, the delegates visited the House of Representatives of the Province of Misiones to discuss gender equality policy and other political issues. The time in Misones was particularly valuable to delegates’ understanding of Argentina. One delegate commented, “By being able to visit Misiones and Posadas, it gave me a much better understanding of the country as a whole.”

The delegation traveled to Buenos Aires where they met with the Vice-President of the Buenos Aires Legislature to discuss Buenos Aires politics and with Libertarian Party candidates for President and Vice-President, Jose Luis Espert and Luis Rosales. They visited the seat of Executive Power and office of the President of Argentina, the Pink House. Other highlights included a meeting with the Unión Industrial Argentina regarding the issues facing workers in Argentina, and a visit to Rodrigo Bueno, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, where they learned about housing policy. The delegates also enjoyed visiting with US Ambassador Edward C. Prado.

Delegation meeting with the Vice-President of the Buenos Aires Legislature, Francisco Quintana

The delegates also immersed themselves in the culture of Argentina. The delegates visited Iguazu National Park, featuring one of the largest waterfall systems in the world. They also toured La Cuchuera production plant, a production facility for the national drink of Argentina, Yerba Mate. In Buenos Aires, the delegates visited several museums including the ESMA Memory Site Museum dedicated to human rights and remembrance of a clandestine torture operation run by the Argentinian government in the late 70s and early 80s. The political and cultural immersion in Argentina put many aspects of American life into perspective for the delegates. One delegate remarked, “I didn’t realize how culturally diverse Argentina is prior to this experience. I also appreciate the political diversity and overall political and international knowledge and awareness among everyone I encountered from cab drivers to shop owners.”