Nominating Partnership

What is a nominating partnership?

A nominating partnership is a mutually beneficial partnership whereby non-profits, PACs, national and state political parties nominate from within their network, thereby bringing new and unique candidates into pool of ACYPL nominees. Upon completion of their paperwork, nominees submitted as part of a nominating partnership are then eligible to travel on an international exchange over the course of two years, or until they turn 41.

These partnerships are created to ensure that ACYPL maintains a nominee pool that reflects the vibrancy and diversity of the United States. Given the nature of our exchanges, which are designed to support professionals in government, politics, and policymaking, we believe that our nominating partners benefit from offering members of their network the opportunity to be considered for an ACYPL exchange. In turn, ACYPL benefits by having a pipeline of strong nominees from trusted friends. Further, there is no financial obligation associated with a nominating partnership; partners participate at no cost and, should nominees be selected to travel on an exchange, their financial obligation is minimal.


What is the timeline? 

Some organizations submit nominees on a recurring basis throughout the year, while others opt to submit nominees once a year. The process is flexible; we want to build a timeline that works for our partner organizations while also supporting ACYPL’s exchange calendar.

Once we receive nominees from our nominating partner, we issue an email to the nominee, notifying them of their nomination and identifying our partner organization as their nominator. This email includes a link to complete the required nominee paperwork as well as the paperwork deadline.

Once the paperwork is submitted in its entirety, the materials are reviewed internally by members of the ACYPL Board of Trustees and nominees are then considered eligible to travel on an exchange for two years (or until the nominee turn 41 years old).

Should a nominee be invited to join an exchange, the Manager of Outreach and Engagement will contact the nominating partner, notifying them that the invitation has been extended to their nominee.

Have more questions about Nominations? Check out our FAQ page!” 

If you are interested in pursuing a nominating partnership with ACYPL, please contact Manager of Outreach and Engagement.  *Note that my name should be hyperlinked to my bio + contact info.

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Your tax-deductible gift will help make ACYPL international exchange opportunities possible for the next generation of political and policy leaders around the world. We invite alumni and friends to support our global work.

ACYPL international exchanges would be impossible without the enthusiastic support and active participation of our alumni around the world.  From organizing programs for visiting international delegations in their home states, to nominating professional colleagues for future programs, attending ACYPL events, and lending financial support, alumni help make our programs happen.

ACYPL encourages all American alumni to join the ACYPL Alumni Council.  It’s a great way to stay involved with our work, continue to explore international affairs, and ensure our future success.