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In 2001, ACYPL sent a delegation to Hungary and Poland.  It was an exciting time to be in the former Soviet Union and our delegation of eight young political leaders were inspired and found their time spent together transformative.  The group was Jon Amores, Tom Bull, Lindy Casebier, Marc Herbst, Rick Johnson, Cecilia Martinez, Shelley Schafer (then McPherson), Trey Ourso, and Marie Royce.  The experiences they shared were the beginning of lifelong friendships.

2001 at the Polish Parliament:

Back row, left to right: Lindy Casebier, Tom Bull, John Amores, Cecillia, Marc Herbst and  Rick Johnson.

Front row, left to right: Marie Royce, Shelley (McPhearson) Schafer.

These alums kept in touch and in 2011 coordinated a 10-year reunion.  Almost all of the delegates were able to join together in Maine at the home of delegate Tom Bull.  Significant others also joined in and they had a great time enjoying lobsters and laughs.  Another example of the life-long connections created through ACYPL.

2011 in Maine, left to right: Tom Bull, Lindy Casebier, Shelley (McPhearson) Schafer and Marie Royce.

Alum Marie Royce traveled on an ACYPL exchange to Hungary and Poland in 2001 along with 8 other young political leaders including: Tom Bull, Lindy Casebier, Marc Herbst, Rick Johnson, Shelley Schafer (then mcPhearson), Trey Ourso, Jon Amores, and Cecilia Martinez.

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