Professional Fellows Alumni Connection Program

About the Program

The Professional Fellows Alumni Connection Program aims to connect Professional Fellows Program (PFP) alumni with 2020 Fellows for mutual benefit. The Professional Fellows Congress organizing staff will generate a personalized match for each 2020 Fellow with a PFP alum based on project theme, professional background and interests, and geographic region. We hope these matches will ensure that 2020 Fellows feel connected with PFP alumni and in turn, that alumni feel reconnected to the Professional Fellows program and network.


  • To introduce 2020 Fellows to the wider Professional Fellows network; 
  • To encourage potential partnerships for projects and PFP alumni opportunities;
  • To allow PFP alumni and 2020 Fellows to share best practices for accomplishing goals during the current pandemic; and
  • To increase the interconnectivity between Professional Fellows cohorts and strengthen the wider PFP community.


  • We expect that PFP alumni participants of the Professional Fellows Alumni Connection Program will engage with their 2020 Fellow matches via email, virtual meetings, or social media within the first two weeks of being matched; 
  • While the program can be tailored to each participant’s interest and availability, we expect participants to commit to a minimum of 20-30 minutes per week of virtual engagement; and
  • We expect Alumni Connection matches to communicate regularly throughout the program and weekly prompts will be provided from July through November 2020 to encourage continued virtual discussions.

Program organizers will periodically ask for feedback throughout the engagement period in an effort to make changes to strengthen the benefits of the program.

 If you are interested in participating in the Professional Fellows Alumni Connection Program, please fill out this brief questionnaire: 

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