[Professional Fellows Program spring ’15]: Aushim Merchant: “Redefining my world view”

09-30-2015 posted by Acypl
Fellows meeting with members of the Tulalip tribe
Professional Fellows meeting with members of the Tulalip tribe in Seattle, Washington. The author is first on the left.

My Professional Fellows Program (PFP) experience is more than just a cherished memory– it is also a distinct part of who I am today. One of my most recent accomplishments since returning from America is setting up the Mintra Foundation in Thailand to promote inclusiveness in education, economic development, and environmental protection. The PFP experience taught me that progress in society is often accomplished by social organizations and NGOs who bring about holistic improvements to communities and to countries.

The highlight of my PFP experience were the interactions and activities that helped to give us an understanding of what it takes to be a driver of social change. It is a program that inevitably brings out the best in you, and makes you realize there is always more that you can do. The experience is empowering and humbling and offers many opportunities to be among other distinguished young leaders from across the globe. We all are motivated by our passion and desire to see the world become a better place, each taking small steps towards the noble goal of creating a better world and a sustainable future for all.

Aushim Merchant is the ASEAN Operations Head at MK Aromatics Limited in Thailand. 

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