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After a brief hiatus on social media, ACYPL is proud to return with the product of our labor — our new and vastly improved website.

Some of you will remember the last iteration of our site, which displayed a banner proclaiming that ACYPL was now on Facebook! Needless to say, it was a bit dated. Since we’re very proud of the work we do here, we opted to redesign our site so that our friends, partners, and alumni could see exactly what their support helps to foster. To meet that end, we focused heavily on the visual aspect, stressing the importance of displaying photos and other material from our programs prominently at every step.

However, we also took the opportunity to bring ACYPL up to speed on a number of other fronts.

For one, we have made our nomination process entirely digital. To both minimize our environmental footprint and make it easier for our alumni and friends to nominate candidates for our programs, we have made our nomination form available online. To submit a nomination today, please visit our Nominations page and review the requirements for ACYPL nominees. We’ve also included a form for updating us on any new contact or personal information you may have, and in the near future, we’ll also be rolling out digital forms for all nominee paperwork.

Also, we’ve put out a much more robust donation platform. We’re still in the process of making some changes, but anyone can now donate to ACYPL via our donations page, which allows for each type of contribution that ACYPL accepts. If you’re interested in joining our Alumni Council and receiving benefits like invitations to special events or consideration in hosting or escorting delegations, please visit our donations page and review the different levels of membership that are available.

Finally, we’ve incorporated our blog into the site, as you can see. Any news about ACYPL in the future will be announced via our website and our social media accounts, including our Facebook and Twitter profiles. Check back for regular updates about upcoming programs, events, and other goings-on at ACYPL.

We’d like to thank all of our alumni and friends whose support made this redesign possible. We want the website to be useful, informative, and easy to use for all of our friends, so please feel free to leave feedback if you have any ideas for how we can improve it.

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