[Russian Federation to US ’15 Preview] Alexandra Poblinkova: “US and Russia: More Similar Than We Think”

04-24-2015 posted by Acypl
Delegates in front of Netroots Nation sign(2)
Russian delegates participated in the Netroots Nation conference in Detroit Michigan. Alexandra “Sasha” Poblinkova is pictured first on the left in the front row.

Participating in ACYPL’s US-Russia Media Dialogue 2014 was a great experience for me. I had a great chance to visit the USA and to learn more about this country. During the 10-day program, I really enjoyed meeting new people, especially those working in media. Some of my best memories include a meeting with Twitter in DC, a one-day placement at the Washington Post and two days in Detroit at the Netroots Nation Conference. A visit to the Pentagon, of course, was incredible!

It was very interesting for me to learn about the USA’s approach to new-media and social-media stories. At least I understood that we in Russia do the same, but people are less open and maybe not as ready for open dialogue in social media. My personal opinion after this program: our countries (USA and Russia) are very similar and we really should know more about each other by meeting face-to-face as opposed to getting information from official TV-programs. It was also great to meet new colleagues from Russia; we stay in touch with each other and continue to discuss our professional work on Facebook.

I’m really thankful for the US-Russia Media Dialogue organized by ACYPL. It was one of the best educational programs of my life!

Alexandra Poblinkova is the chief editor of the-province.ru

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