Russian political leaders to arrive in US for international exchange program

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Russian political leaders to arrive in US for international exchange program
Political Exchange Focuses on American Governance, Policy-making, and Public Diplomacy

WASHINGTON, DC—A six-member multi-partisan delegation of political and policy professionals from the Russian Federation will participate in a 10-day international exchange program organized by the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) beginning April 26th. This will be the first Russian delegation hosted in the US by ACYPL since 2009.

A geographically and politically diverse group of six emerging leaders (ages 25-40) from across Russia will explore American governance, politics, and policy-making, engage in dialogue on international issues, and forge professional relationships and friendships. The program was arranged by ACYPL, in partnership with Russian NGO, the Youth Public Chamber (YPC). The educational exchange is made possible through a grant from the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Youth Public Chamber and the El Pomar Foundation in Colorado Springs, CO.

The program will start in Moscow with briefings at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and US Embassy in Moscow. In Washington, DC, the group will meet with representatives from the US Department of State, members of Congress, business leaders, and Russian officials. The delegation will then travel to Richmond, VA on April 29th and Colorado Springs, CO on May 1st to explore state and local government, politics, and policy-making.

“ACYPL exchanges give American local leaders a global perspective. Throughout their program, delegates meet with high level government and policy officials, political party representatives, business and community leaders, and ACYPL alumni,” explained ACYPL CEO Linda Rotunno. “They explore a whole range of issues, and gain a unique perspective on our history, politics, and culture. Most importantly, we hope they will forge professional relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.”

The first delegation from the former Soviet Union was hosted by ACYPL in 1971. For 44 years, ACYPL has participated in a bilateral relationship with the Russian Federation, sending an American delegation to Russia or receiving a Russian delegation in the United States. At a time of tension and challenge for the US and Russia, ACYPL’s and the Youth Public Chamber’s commitment to continued partnership and public diplomacy will provide an opportunity for politically diverse individuals to engage with their international peers and explore common concerns and points of difference. The work of both organizations will allow for sustained dialogue and progress towards relations between the people of Russia and the United States.

“Russian–American people-to-people dialogue is an important part of a positive agenda between the two nations. This exchange is supported by the Russian donors and the government. We received an overwhelming number of applications from young political leaders who have never been in the US and only the six got to go on the trip, “said Dmitry Vishnyakov, project coordinator at the Youth Public Chamber in Moscow.

In addition to elected leaders and political experts, the delegation will have the opportunity to meet with ACYPL alumni and representatives from organizations including: BP America, Toyota Motor North America, Inc., Oral Health Colorado, El Pomar Foundation, Susan G. Komen Colorado, Great American Broadband, Inc., Center for Diplomacy and Democracy, National Association of Attorneys General, and Mountain Bay Properties, LLC.

The group will be accompanied by ACYPL alumnus Chris Obenshain, Assistant Attorney General at Office of the Attorney General of Virginia while in Richmond, and the El Pomar Foundation Fellows while in Colorado Springs, CO.

Since 1966, the American Council of Young Political Leaders [ACYPL] has designed and implemented unique international exchange activities for political leaders worldwide. Our programs are designed to encourage civil discourse, active citizenship, and engaged and sound public policy making. They promote sustained professional relationships and friendships among young people poised to become tomorrow’s global leaders and policy makers.

At a time when national and international politics are polarized and unresponsive to mounting public policy challenges, ACYPL’s efforts to promote civil dialogue and civic engagement among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents from across the US and their multi-partisan peers from around the world has never been more urgent. ACYPL exchanges enhance participants’ ability to shape broader perspectives about the world and make them better decision makers at home.

Each year, with support from the United States Department of State, our international exchange partner organizations, and a wide range of corporate, foundation, labor, and individual partners, we conduct a variety of bilateral and multilateral exchanges for emerging leaders from across the United States and around the world. ACYPL has a network of over 8,500 alumni in 125 countries and territories, many whom have risen to positions of national and international prominence.

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The Youth Public Chamber (YPC) was founded in 2006 and is an institute of civil society, uniting leaders of the youth wings of political parties, young leaders of non-governmental organizations, young journalists, young businessmen, artists, and sportsmen. YPC was initiated by the leaders of youth wings of political parties including United Russia, Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, People’s Party of the Russian Federation, Social Democratic Party of Russia, and leaders of 30 non-governmental organizations.

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