[US to Russia 2014] Dicky Shanor: Muesli for Dinner

05-20-2014 posted by Acypl


Muesli is a type of granola and it was served for breakfast in every Russian hotel we stayed in. I loved it as much as anything in Russia, but no one would serve it for dinner. Do Russians not eat cereal for dinner ever? My heart sank as every nightly request was denied. But it was my new found love of muesli that ultimately led to my discovery of the true significance of this wonderful journey.

We’ve had a diverse and thought provoking week of meetings with top government officials, private sector titans, and media moguls-as part of this ACYPL exchange to Russia. We’ve also been lucky to visit museums, fortresses and eat some incredible food. And on our last night in St. Petersburg and the second to last night of the trip, I dined alone and reflected on the past week for the first time.

I realized that it is not only the substance of our meetings, the tours, or the sites that has made this experience life-altering, it is the fact that we have bonded both socially and professionally with truly great people in this foreign land. The hospitality of the Russian people we met was unparalleled. The discussions I had and the things I learned will forever affect how I look at this country. The insight and connection with Russia our group has could not hav gained in any less of a forum. And ACYPL’s mission of giving American political leaders global perspective was accomplished, and I am so thankful to have been a part of it.

And in addition to this epiphany, I was finally served muesli at dinner. Russia mission accomplished!


Dicky Shanor is a City Councilman from Cheyenne, Wyoming.


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